New Bluey Episodes: Anticipation Ends as Season 3 Arrives on Disney+ This July

If you’re a fan of the ever-popular children’s series Bluey, you’ll be delighted to know that your patience is about to be rewarded. The much-awaited new Bluey episodes, previously only aired in Australia, are finally making their way to Disney+ in the United States this July. Here’s all you need to know about these upcoming episodes.

New Bluey Episodes: Set to Make Waves Worldwide

The latter half of Bluey season 3 is set to debut on Disney+ on July 12, later reaching the Disney Channel and Disney Junior audiences. These ten new Bluey episodes initially made waves in Australia nearly a year ago. The news of their global release has been met with much enthusiasm from fans worldwide.

What to Expect from the New Bluey Episodes

The forthcoming new episodes of Bluey promise an engaging mix of hilarity, emotional moments, and intriguing insights into the lives of the Heeler family and their friends. Here’s a brief overview of each episode (spoilers ahead):

  • “Musical Statues” : Amid family disagreements, Chilli initiates a game of “Musical Statues” to foster unity.
  • “Stories” : Indy revamps her story post a crafting mishap, enlisting Calypso, Winton’s boundless imagination, and a horse voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • “Puppets”: Unicorse is back and in love with Chilli! The children aim to help the puppet win Chilli’s heart.
  • “Turtle Boy”: A found turtle toy leads to a tussle between Bingo and a hearing-impaired Cavapoo over ownership.
  • “Onesies” : Chilli’s sister, Brandy, unknowingly stirs trouble with her gift of onesies, which awaken Bingo’s inner beast!
  • “Tradies” : Bluey and Bingo attempt to understand the mysterious laborers building a fishpond in their backyard.
  • “Granny Mobile” : The Grannies return, aiding their neighbor, Doreen, against a grouchy granny during a yard sale.
  • “Space” : Mackenzie struggles to play “Space Explorers,” forcing his friends to confront a distressing past incident.
  • “Dirt” : Judo, Bluey, and Bingo strive to find a compromise between fun and cleanliness.
  • “The Decider”: Chucky faces a dilemma of supporting his mom or dad’s favorite rugby team during a crucial game.

The episode “Onesies,” previously speculated to be censored or excluded for US viewers, thankfully makes it to the list. However, there may still be alterations for Disney+ suitability.

Looking Ahead: Bluey Season 3’s Final Part

The third and final part of season three is currently airing in Australia. Its debut on April 9 saw one episode already under scrutiny. When these last ten new episodes of Bluey will be available outside Australia remains unknown. However, fans hope the wait will not be as long.

Fans can now stream the new Bluey episodes on Disney+ in the US, or watch them on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior. This new wave of heartwarming episodes is sure to bring joy to young and adult viewers alike.

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